We’re moving things forward responsibly, ensuring that we and our customers grow for good—for the planet, for farmers, exporters, millers, buyers, as well as for economies and people around the world.

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What Matters to Us

Standards Matter
Standards Matter

We set the gold standard, and work diligently to earn Canada’s reputation as a supplier of choice for wheat.

More than simply a growing grain country, we lead the world in the production and delivery of clean, consistent and high-quality cereals.

Responsibility Matters
Responsibility Matters

We are focused on advancing a responsible industry that’s designed to meet and exceed growing expectations for responsibility and sustainability.

We are more than the product we grow; we are the communities and livelihoods enabled by the production, processing and nourishment of Canadian cereals.

Progress Matters
Progress Matters

We proactively adapt to what’s next through the pursuit and application of world-class innovation.

Cereals are a living product, a living business—a dynamic product for dynamic global markets.

People Matter
People Matter

We are nothing without the dedication, commitment and passion of each person in the Canadian Cereals community.

Key Action in Place

Our priorities and goals provide a vision and targets for the industry, as well as a guideline to better coordinate and focus research investment on increasing productivity and competitiveness and ensuring farmers can grow healthy, safe crops that are good for the environment and people.

Keep It Clean

The Keep it Clean program provides guidelines to ensure crops are grown to the highest standards, keeping Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of canola, cereals and pulses. The program guides farmers and producers in meeting the strict requirements of domestic and export customers for pesticides, residues and traces of diseases. This includes education for on-farm best practices, products of concern and disease management.

Code of Practice, Responsible Grain

The Canadian Round Table for Sustainable Crops is working towards launching a Code of Practice—called Responsible Grain—to reflect our commitment to advancing nourishment and to ensuring radical transparency in everything we do. Through it, we intend to foster continuous improvements in growing high-quality food that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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Canadian Wheat Nutrition Initiative

Cereals Canada, along with our partners, have established a value chain led, science-based promotion and education campaign on the beneficial properties of wheat and the benefits of modern agriculture. The main focus of the effort is to promote health benefits and nutrition of wheat in a way that is accessible and understood by consumers in Canada and potentially around the globe.

Expertise in Analytical Testing, Milling and End-product Functionality

Cereals Canada is a trusted independent source of expertise related to analytical testing, milling and end-use functionality for those buying Canadian grain with the goal of increasing market opportunities and end-user success. We generate and analyze data that directly supports end-users in understanding the benefits of Canadian wheat and in making high-quality end-products. We also investigate and resolve milling and product functionality issues that are identified by industry and customers; this strengthens customer retention by optimizing the use of Canadian wheat in end-products. It’s our goal to advance nourishment by supporting the creation of quality products for customers all around the world.

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Working together. Advancing nourishment.

Cereals Canada is part of something bigger – a collective of experts that’s committed to sustainably supplying consistent, quality wheat every year.

Cereals Canada

Cereals Canada unifies the value chain, connecting crop development companies, growers, exporters and railways to deliver on its promise: to advance nourishment by offering responsibly farmed premium crops that are consistent in their quality.

We are helping to make our advancing nourishment promise a reality. The technical experts at Cereals Canada provide a globally recognized independent expertise in Canadian grain milling, quality and end-use functionality. Our goal is to increase market opportunities for millers, while ensuring end-user success.

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Canadian Grain
Commission (CGC)

CGC is committed to seeing that Canada continues to build on its reputation as a consistent and reliable source of the highest quality grain, advancing nourishment across the globe. The organization regulates grain handling and establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain.

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