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Americas Webinar

Webinars available in English, French and Spanish

Learn about this year’s crop and its performance.

The webinar will provide insight from a customer’s perspective. A must attend event for Canadian wheat growers.

Hear from the experts and ask questions in real time.

Livestreaming with expert insights to help you make the best business decisions possible.

Contribute a question.

Ask a question during the event and get an immediate response from an expert.

2021 Canadian New Crop Webinar (Americas)


2021 New Wheat Crop Webinar

A high-quality Canadian wheat crop was produced this year despite the challenging growing season for Canadian farmers. Experts from Cereals Canada, Canadian Grain Commission, farmers and value chain partners share about the Canadian growing season, global wheat supply and demand. Also included is quality assessment of Canada’s wheat crop, including protein levels, grading factors and milling and functionality of CPSR, CWRS, CWAD and CESRW wheat classes.

Get the most out of your Webinar.

Ask a question that we can help get answered during the event from an expert.

Have a one-on-one session to discuss confidential matters.

How the Event Works



We’re using Cvent for our online event platform. Once you have selected your webinar, simply sign up to register.


Download Zoom

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Common Questions About Our Event

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Assumenda corporis cum cumque, dolore doloremque, enim expedita facere As much as we love to see our customers in person, we’re not able to this year due to COVID 19 and subsequent travel restrictions. Hosting our webinars online means you can participate and get all the information you need without ever leaving your screen. Same valuable information, without any risk to your safety.

Yes. All our sessions are recorded and will be available to watch on-demand approximately 24-48 hours after the event. Recordings will be available for one year.

Live translations will be available depending on the webinar that you have registered for. Please visit the webinar that you are interested in attending to learn more.

Yes, data will be available on November 15.

Yes, you can select any webinar that fits your schedule.

Webinars are intended for Canadian wheat customers and partners. Our goal is to ensure our customers and partners learn about the quality and availability of the new crop to help them make informed business decisions.

Yes. We encourage you to share our invitation with colleagues who might benefit from learning all about our new crop and farming practices.

Yes. Multiple attendees from a company can register to attend.

Please reach out to Cereals Canada to discuss your needs. We can book one-on-one consultations, connect you with our experts to answer questions and provide the support that you need on the topics that matter to you the most.

Each webinar has specific needs so there are slight variations. There are also different languages interpreted at each webinar.

Canadian Cereals does not directly market grain, and as such we cannot facilitate samples. We encourage prospective buyers to connect with leading Canadian grain handlers for any inquiries regarding product availability, quality, and pricing. These companies include: Cargill, G3, Richardson, Parrish & Heimbecker and Viterra.

If multiple requests from one company are received, an initial, single session will be organized for the company to answer all questions. Follow-up sessions can be arranged.

Please reach out to Cereals Canada to book one-on-one consultations at any time of year. We are here to help you the customer with what you need to know.

No. You can view recordings from any webinar on-demand after the event has ended.

Registering for a webinar is the best way to get all the information you need about our 2021 Canadian wheat crop. Not only will you be able to learn about this year’s crop and performance, but you’ll also hear the latest news and analytics from cereals industry experts, who are available to answer all your questions.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation with your registration details.

Please register to reserve your spot. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to view the recording of the webinar 48 hours after it aired live.

Yes! You can still register.

Our Process from Harvest to Webinar

Total Time Approx. 7-8 Months



Up to 3 Months

This is the final stage in the production process. Harvested crops are stored either on the farm in grain bins or delivered to grain elevators for shipment.

Harvesting time differs by province and region. More northern areas tend to be harvested later than more southern regions.


Sample Collection

2-3 Months

Cereals Canada works closely with nine grain companies with grain elevators across Western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and a small portion of British Columbia) to access wheat samples representative of export quality.

Grain companies receive wheat samples when growers deliver grain for shipment, or when they submit a representative wheat sample for grading. Grain companies are asked to submit their composites to Cereals Canada when samples represent at least 75 per cent of the harvested wheat class/grade in the region.

Classes of wheat analyzed: CWRS, CWAD & CPSR.


Grading and Blending

2-3 Weeks

Samples from all grain companies are graded, then blended into composites that represent production from the West, East or Prairie regions of Western Canada. East and West regions are only for No. 1 CWRS, while Prairie regions are for CWAD, CPSR and No. 2 CWRS.



Up to 10 Days

Each composite sample is thoroughly blended and a wheat sample is taken for wheat analysis. The remaining wheat is milled and the resulting flour and/or semolina is analyzed and tested in appropriate end-products (bread, noodles, pasta). Key milling characteristics include flour yield and ash content.


Flour/Semonila Analysis

7-10 Days

Flour/semolina is analyzed to determine its quality. Key areas of assessment for flour/semolina include protein content, gluten strength/rheological properties (protein quality) and colour.

While most quality analysis is done rather quickly, rheological and colour assessments are conducted 7 days after milling. Using a standard number of days after milling provides a basis for fairer comparisons.


End-product Functionality

2-3 Days

Key characteristics of end-product quality for bread includes loaf volume, crumb structure and colour. For noodles, we look at colour and colour retention, as well as cooked texture. For pasta, we consider the colour of the dried product and cooking quality (texture, cooking loss, etc.). The process includes preparation of scaling ingredients, actual processing and end-product quality assessment/scoring.

Working Together. Advancing Nourishment.

Cereals Canada is part of something bigger – a collective of experts that’s committed to sustainably supplying consistent, quality wheat every year.

Cereals Canada

Cereals Canada unifies the value chain, connecting crop development companies, growers, exporters and railways to deliver on its promise: to advance nourishment by offering responsibly farmed premium crops that are consistent in their quality.

We are helping to make our advancing nourishment promise a reality. The technical experts at Cereals Canada provide a globally recognized independent expertise in Canadian grain milling, quality and end-use functionality. Our goal is to increase market opportunities for millers, while ensuring end-user success.

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC)

CGC is committed to seeing that Canada continues to build on its reputation as a consistent and reliable source of the highest quality grain, advancing nourishment across the globe. The organization regulates grain handling and establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain.


Interested in Buying Canadian Wheat?

Our export partners take care of sales and pricing and they’re happy to help you with everything you need. Let us know if you’d like exporter contact information.