2020 Wheat Crop Seminar

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Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Bangladesh, Morocco, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and South Africa

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2020 New crop session – Grain Farming in Canada


Lane Stockbrugger

Saskatchewan grower Lane Stockbrugger talks about the Canadian growing season, global wheat supply and demand, and how Canada is responding to the global pandemic.

As well, the Canadian Grain Commission looks at quality assessments for Canada’s wheat crop, including protein levels and grading factors for CPSR, CWRS, CWAD and Eastern Canadian wheat varieties.

Grain Commission slides Market Outlook slides

Deep Dives

Each deep dive goes over quality parameters including milling, analytical, and end-product details.

Canada Western Red Spring Wheat 2020 (CWRS)
Presentation slides
Canada Prairie Spring Red 2020 (CPSR)
Presentation slides
Canada Western Amber Durum 2020 (CWAD)
Presentation slides


Today and into the future

Mr. Stockbrugger continues with a look at the improvements Canada is making to our world-class sustainable farming practices. Find out about our new Code of Practice for grain production, Responsible Grain, which is part of our commitment to improve how cereals products are grown to nourish all of our futures. This Code will ensure Canada offers customers sustainable commodities that align with consumers’ new needs and expactations.

2020 New Wheat Crop

A near ideal growing season produced a great Canadian crop.

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