Canadian Cereals Customer Program

Africa, Europe and Latin America Seminar

Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Cameroon, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guyana

Wheat Quality

Learn about the different classes of Canadian wheat and the value chain supporting their standards.

New Technologies

Discover the multitude of technologies the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) uses and their capability in providing technical support to purchasers of Canadian wheat.

2021 Market Outlook

Hear about our 2021 market forecast and outlook based on current data, insight and information.


The Canadian Cereals value chain is committed to providing an always on conversation that informs and engages customers all around the globe. Our most recent customer event, that was held in March 2021, is one way that we have delivered on that promise. Sessions provided customers with an introduction to members of all parts of the wheat value chain, including a focus on national initiatives that add value to the sales of cereals from Canada.

As part of our always on commitment we have also provided the webinar and presentations to this customer event for transparent access to what we shared. We know that what we do as a value chain is not just about growing and selling crops, it is about providing support and growing relationships.

Canadian Cereals events will continue to deliver on our commitment on being here for what matters to you.


Learn about the different classes of Canadian wheat and the important initiatives that support the sale of wheat from Canada

Canadian Value Chain Overview
Presentation slides
The Canadian Grain Commission
Presentation slides
Canadian Wheat Breeding and Class Quality
Presentation slides
Technical Support from Canada
Presentation slides
Canadian Cereals, Advancing Nourishment
Presentation slides

2020 New Wheat Crop

A near ideal growing season produced a great Canadian crop.

Keep the conversation going

Have questions that weren’t answered in the seminar? Get answers from our experts.

Have a one-on-one session to discuss confidential matters from Dec 8th to Dec 31st.

How to Buy

Interested in buying Canadian wheat or other cereals products?

Our exporter partners take care of sales and pricing, and are happy to help you with everything you need. Reach out to us for exporter contact information.

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