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Wheat varieties are carefully chosen based on factors including yield potential, protein potential, agronomic considerations and other market signals.


Regional growing conditions impact the crop’s yield and quality potential, which are supported through the use of modern farming practices.


Harvest timing coincides with the crop’s maturity and regional growing conditions. Best practices, including proper storage help to ensure crop quality and cleanliness.

Stay up to date on how Canada’s
wheat is growing.

2021 Wheat Crop

A challenging growing season produced a quality 2021 crop.

Growing Conditions

Below average growing conditions across Canada.


Despite extreme heat and dryness throughout North America including Western Canada, our farmers grew almost 22 million tonnes of wheat with a high proportion in the top 2 grades.


A higher proportion of all major wheat classes from the 2021 crop year had a high protein content and graded in the top 2 grades

Classes of Wheat

Including Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS), Canada Western Amber Durum (CWAD), Canada Prairie Spring Red (CRSR) and Canada Eastern Soft Red Winter Wheat (CESRW)


Despite the challenges in the growing current growing year that could impact quality, milling yields are comparable to last year.

No disruptions due to COVID‑19

The agriculture industry is deemed an essential service in Canada and measures are in place which ensured no disruptions in shipments have occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Canada has maintained crop production without disruption during these unprecedented times. Delivery of supply to global customers is supported in Canada as agriculture and transportation are considered essential services.

Leading export companies such as CargillG3Northwest TerminalsP&HRichardson International, and Viterra can provide up-to-date information to support your decision making and purchase of Canadian grains.

Currently there are no GMO wheat varieties commercially grown or sold in Canada.

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We’re More Than Wheat

We’re also farmers of premium oats and barley. All together, we’re committed to consistent, quality crops for our customers—and our customers’ customers.

We’re Advancing Nourishment

We believe what we do matters. We’re committed to responsible progress and nourishment for a sustainable future for everyone.

We’re Here to Help

Service is our strength. Our amazing customer support ensures you get the greatest value from our products and from buying from Canada. Get help on everything from learning about the products you’re buying and optimizing product functionality to milling and end-product processing.

Farming Practices for Today and the Future

I know what I do on my farm matters. Making sustainable choices means I can continue to grow my business into the future. As a farmer what is good for the planet is what is good for my farm.”

Working Together. Advancing Nourishment.

Cereals Canada is part of something bigger – a collective of experts that’s committed to sustainably supplying consistent, quality wheat every year.

Cereals Canada

Cereals Canada unifies the value chain, connecting crop development companies, growers, exporters and railways to deliver on its promise: to advance nourishment by offering responsibly farmed premium crops that are consistent in their quality.

We are helping to make our advancing nourishment promise a reality. The technical experts at Cereals Canada provide a globally recognized independent expertise in Canadian grain milling, quality and end-use functionality. Our goal is to increase market opportunities for millers, while ensuring end-user success.

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC)

CGC is committed to seeing that Canada continues to build on its reputation as a consistent and reliable source of the highest quality grain, advancing nourishment across the globe. The organization regulates grain handling and establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain.


Interested in Buying Canadian Wheat?

Our export partners take care of sales and pricing and they’re happy to help you with everything you need. Let us know if you’d like exporter contact information.