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See how our 2021 wheat crop is growing.

Follow progress of the Canadian Prairies’ 2021 growing season. We’re hopeful for another strong production season.

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Learn about the different classes of Canadian wheat and the new initiatives that support sales of wheat from Canada.

Africa, Europe and Latin America

Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Kenya, Cameroon, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guyana

calendarMarch 9, 11, 16, 18, 23

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Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar

calendarMarch 9, 11, 16, 18, 23

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Canadian Cereals Latin America Webinar

An overview of the Canadian system that breeds, produces, regulates, and provides technical support to ensure wheat quality. To request the PowerPoint presentations from the event, send us an email

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New Wheat Crop

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Executive Summary

A near ideal growing season produced a great 2020 crop.

Overall Quality

Overall Quality

Over 80% of No. 1 and No. 2 grades across all major classes, as well as Falling Numbers over 350

How it was Grown

How it was Grown

Good growing conditions across Canada



Over 34 MT of wheat produced with large quantities in top 2 grades



Average or above average protein for all classes

Milling Quality

Milling Quality

Strong milling performance due to high test weight and high thousand kernel weight values



Shipping record amounts of grain through the pandemic

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North America


Canada and United States

Latin America

English and Spanish

México, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Chile


English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean

China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Sri Lanka


English, Spanish and Italian

England, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Spain

Asia Gulf Africa

English, French, Arabic, Bengali and Turkish

Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Bangladesh, Morocco, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and South Africa

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